Newbury New Year Rally

Clere School

Newbury, Berks.

28th Dec 2011 - 2nd January 2012


“What are you doing for New Year?” asked my pal. “We’re taking the caravan down to Newbury” I replied. He thought we were mad to be caravanning at such a cold and dark time of year, especially when I said that we would not have mains electricity.

Then I explained that there would be some 40 other outfits, most of us knew each other, we had the use of a large school hall and canteen, and that we would be partying every night for four nights with live entertainment on two of them.  Oh, and the marshals would cook food for us every evening.

“You caravanners certainly know how to live it up” my pal said. He’s right of course, well at least about those of us who belong to the Swift Owners Club.

And so it was – another fantastic Newbury New Year Rally where a dedicated group of marshals worked tirelessly day in and day out so the rest of us could just relax and enjoy ourselves. Sharon, Steve, Vonnie, Dave, Margaret, Pete, Issy and Colin we owe you a huge debt of thanks. You are the kind of people who make this Club such a great place to be.

Time to let the pictures do the talking.......


Pics courtesy John Saunter & Techtel
main image