Men’s Own Rugby Club

Ashton, Northants

1st - 4th August 2013


The Teddies fought all the way there jumping off the bed down the country lanes, Josephine (My Conqueror 645) towed as if she wanted to go somewhere other than with Bert (My Car!!) I was wound up like a Swiss Cuckoo clock on steroids and generally was in a foul mood.

The sign post said SOC straight on, it was like a magic wand, everything suddenly changed, the thought of friends old and new, who will I see this time??

After a specially laid on endurance test through the metal posted entrance I drove onto the field and was met by the Marshals, (It was after all the men’s rugby club), legs down, Josephine and Bert parted company to be placed side by side with ample pitch space and the teddies put back to bed, I set up with welcome cries from fellow ralliers and without a doubt I had arrived, Glass of wine in hand and time to catch up in the glorious sunshine.

What a fabulous weekend!!! We chatted, cried with laughter until our sides ached and our tear ducts where dry, sang to music kindly provided by Brian and tried to work out the lyrics to who was Alice (uh hum one member did enlighten us to a new version… and they said butter wouldn’t melt) Desserts in plenty from the Marshals and Co-marshals, Humour provided by our Area 5 ACM Dave Coller assisted by friends old and new, we thought of our dear friends who couldn’t be with us and the mentally exhausting times they are having and our hopes that they will be able to join us again soon.

In truth I have never relaxed so much for ages and enjoyed the time spent on the rally field, Some went to the local canal museum and strolls past the locks, some stayed behind and chilled out, some even went to play in Land Rovers latest products, friends came and went for the day including Matt who helped us solve the mysteries surrounding some of our cars,

The junior members behaved impeccably and let off steam on the surrounding fields, Brogan and Sam made me realise how behind I am with technology and their array of electronics, The dogs even laid around watching the world go by quietly, and honestly, it was what SOC is all about, a wonderful weekend in a rural setting with good company.  Barbeques, wine and even the weather behaved.

Sunday brought us “Flag” and alas it was time to depart with cries of see you in Scotland, Cornwall or the continent and the “Swift” logos departed back through the test zone.

Thank you to all who organised the weekend and helped make it such fun, Thank you to all the people who went as without you we wouldn’t have such a strong, enjoyable and committed club.

Finally congratulations to Louie one of our youngest members on his 60th Rally!!!

Drive safely, take care and “see you on the Rally field” soon.

Guy Hudson