Spring Getaway

Harby Playing Fields,
Harby, nr Newark, Nottinghamshire

13-17 March (4 nights)

Marshals: Phil & Patsy Capes and Dave & Cheryl Barnard


We must like going to Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire area as we ventured out again for the 5 day rally at Harby, this another winter favourite venue with a nice hall with facilities, we followed the same route as to Collingham.

On our way we left home in brilliant sunshine followed a bit of cloud and by the time we passed the Collingham cricket site we were in a storm of hailstones and sleet. About 5 miles from Harby the rain gear was got to the ready and arriving at the playing field we were greeted with sunshine and it had not even rained there. 

Again Phil was at his best and I was sited on a level spot no blocks required here as well I do like these marshals that give me a level pitch.

Wednesday evening was the cup of tea or coffee not forgetting the chocolate biscuits. The usual meeting of who was there many we had seen at the Collingham rally. Fan heaters were used to get the clubhouse up to temperature and a lovely evening followed.

Thursday Evening was basically a repeat of Wednesday but we decided not to go over, as we had got comfortably settled in the van at a nice temperature.

Friday was another day to do what you wished and the evening in the clubhouse started with sausages in a bun and you could bring any food that you needed, this time the quiz was organised by Dave and Cheryl Barnard and enjoyed by all.

Saturday was left to your own to visit the local area and explore the garden centres and of course spend some money on plants and clothing at reasonable prices. The caravan dealers were not far from site there plenty for me to do and see.

Evening in the hall started with soup and an American supper, which as usual was overflowing with food and was all very nice and beautifully presented. After a few glasses of wine the evening went off well, with Dave at the quiz and every one catching up with things.

Prior to flag Phil gave an explanation for the logo on the plaque always has a good reason for everything. (Olympics related very good)

Flag was held on Saturday evening followed by another super raffle. I think good time was had by all. Our thanks to Patsy, Phil, Cheryl and Dave for their hard work and great organisation

Sat Nav fun
When we set off to Harby I set the navigation system to go to Harby and it gave the normal route but as we pulled out if the drive I was informed that the set route had a 1 hour and 6 minute delay on A453 I pressed the avoid button and was redirected via the A52 Nottingham, time arrival almost the same so I did as instructed, on passing the turn off on the A52 for A453 I noted a queue leaving the A52 but the on slip road was empty so perhaps it was prudent to adhere to the Sat Nav information.

After leaving Harby on our homeward journey we again followed the Sat Nav route which takes me back through Collingham and a couple of signs said route closed at level crossing but no diversion signs so I continued but the level crossing was in fact closed so we had to go back to Collingham for the diversion. When turning a Kia Sorento drew along side open his window and said follow me to the A46, which I did.  It is lovely to have others concerned enough to offer help.

My wife Sonia phoned Phil to warn any others who use this way home of the closure.  

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