Emailing Photos


Today's digital cameras produce great pictures but the file sizes of those pictures can be huge, 7Mb or more, making them impractical to email in any number. The answer is to reduce the file sizes to something much more manageable but not to make them so small that the pictures look poor when they come out at the other end.

Pictures are made up of thousands or millions of little dots called pixels. Picture sizes are measured by counting the number of pixels from side to side and then the number from top to bottom. For this website a good size to submit pictures is 1024x768 or 1024x685 for more modern cameras. This will give a files size of somewhere around 100Kb. In the case of a 7Mb file this equates to just 1.5% of the original size but should still give a picture good enough to publish here.

If you are running Microsoft Windows on your PC you can get this to do the work for you. (See below). However if you also have a Hotmail, AOL or another online account the method immediately below might not work so you might want to look at some free software to do the job for you. See bottom of this page or jump there by clicking here.

Get the original pictures into a folder and select the ones you wish to sent. Hold down Shift or Ctrl keys to help you select. When you have them selected hover over them with the mouse pointer and click the RIGHT mouse button. A drop down box will appear. Select 'Send To' and then another box will appear. In that box select 'Mail Recipient'  - see below


What happens then will depend on what version of Windows you have. If you have XP you will see a box like this:


If you see this box select the 'Show more options.' link . The box will then expand as below. Select large (1024x768) and click OK.


If you have Vista or Windows 7 you will see the 1024x768 option without having to select 'Show more options'.  Select it, click OK and the pictures will automatically be attached to an email for you to send.

Those with online mail accounts (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail) might like to try one of the free utilities linked below

MicroSoft Power Toy resizer - (Windws XP only)

When it's installed all you do is select and right click the pictures then choose 'Resize' from the drop down menu - you'll see the resize options.

If running Vista or Windows 7 try the link below:

Image Resizer PowerToy Clone

This is a clone of the Microsoft PowerToys resizer above. It also enables you to resize one or many image files with a right-click. This version will works on non-XP versions of Windows including Windows Vista.

Picture Manipulation
If you think any of your pictures are a little dark or lacking in contrast, or have red eye or whatever, do not be tempted to change them with picture manipulation software. It's quite probable that you will destroy parts of the image that can never be brought back. Please leave that job to your trusty webmaster who will be publishing the final image.