NCC guidance on payload and MiRO allowance for 2011

What is my touring caravan’s user payload?

The user payload of any caravan is the difference between the MTPLM and the MRO.

What are the MTPLM and the MRO?

The MTPLM is the Maximum Technically Permitted Laden Mass. This is the maximum weight
that the caravan can be loaded to. The MTPLM can be found on a plate fixed to the caravan,
usually near the door.

The MRO is the Mass in Running Order. This is the unladen weight of the caravan before loading
any personal effects into the caravan.

Why are the payloads changing?

This is being done in advance of European type approval, which is planned for 2012. It will apply
to all vehicles sold throughout Europe.

What are the changes?

European type approval regulations do not take into account some things that are currently
included in the user payload (e.g. leisure batteries and water in the water heater). As a result the
user payload for a typical 4 berth caravan, with European type approval, would be 50kg less than
a similar UK specification caravan on sale today.

How will a UK caravan payload be different?

The UK caravan industry has decided to keep UK caravans safe and useable by maintaining the
user payload levels we’re accustomed to. A UK specification caravan will have broadly the same
user payload allowance for 2011 as in 2010, but this may not apply to an imported European
caravan (unless it’s NCC approved). So a model that has European type approval but isn’t NCC
approved could have much less user payload.

How has this been done?

The method we have chosen will enable a UK caravan to qualify for European type approval AND
keep a usable payload level.
To do this some items are accounted for differently, for example:
- the gas bottles are allocated to the MRO
- the leisure battery is taken care of in personal effects

How will I know what my payload accounts for?

Your caravan user handbook will list all of the items included in the MRO and what the weight
allowance is for them, it will also tell you how much has been allocated for personal effects and
optional extras.
It’s important to know this because; if for example you always empty your water tank then you will
be able to carry extra items up to the weight allowed for the water.

Which models will this apply to?

It will apply to all models of touring caravan with NCC approval from June 2010 onwards.

Will this affect tow car matching?

No, because the MTPLM is used for tow car matching as before.