Some 2011 model  year or later caravans and motorhomes with on board water tanks have experienced problems with the water level indicator not working or giving false readings. The problem has been traced to scale build up on one of the stainless steel probes used by the sensor.  This is most likely to occur during prolonged use in hard water areas.

Initially the fix was to remove the sensor periodically and to clean the affected probe with a Brillo pad. Sargents, who make the level sensor, have now come up with a more permanent solution. This involves the fitting of a stainless steel plate inside the tank and then connecting the plate to an earth. The idea is that the plate will act as ‘sacrificial electrode’ and attract any scale to itself rather than it being deposited on a sensing electrode.

If you have suffered the problem please contact your supplying dealer who should be able to make arrangements to carry out the necessary work.

In the picture below scale has started to appear on the affected electrode but was not causing any problems

New stainless plate
This picture (left) shows the new stainless steel plate after fitting. The earth connection is just visible on the top of the tank (see arrow)